Trip Report: Maui, Days 1&2

With Day 1 devoted solely to sitting in a flying sardine can soaring halfway across the Maritime Continent, Day 2 on Maui was all about settling in and falling into the island’s rhythm. Generally, the mainland moves at about 146 bpms, which is the approximate tempo for Led Zeppelin’s “Achilles’ Last Stand.” Maui’s tempo is usually […]

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Trip Report: Dawns Peak (Peak 6582)

“Guys, where’s my food?” Just as I was putting the last odds and ends into my pack, I realized that I could not find the food that I had packed for the trip up to Dawns Peak. The trip had already gotten off to an inauspicious start, as I spilled a gallon of water that […]

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Trip Report: High Point from Oak Grove

I love the Palomar Mountains. When faced with that question of “what is your favorite hike,” I always try to demure and say that it’s like picking a favorite child. But let’s be honest here. I do have a favorite child, and it is Palomar. It doesn’t matter if it’s the State Park or Cleveland National […]

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Trip Report: Pacific Crest Trail: Scissors Crossing to Warner Springs

The San Felipe Hills section of the Pacific Crest Trail wanders, meanders, and squiggles its way through  24 miles of the San Felipe Hills between Scissors Crossing and Montezuma Highway. This segment has a reputation for being hot, difficult, monotonous, and even dangerous. There are no natural water sources, there is no shade until just […]

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