Adventures in Guide Booking, Part 2: Maps

At some point, every one of us runs headlong into some kind of obstacle that we assume is insurmountable. Perhaps it’s a lack of money, a physical handicap, a time constraint, or a lack of ability. Whatever the case, this obstacle can stop us cold and discourage us into taking a hard right turn toward […]

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Adventures in Guide Booking: Part 1

  After finishing the manuscript for Afoot and Afield, I found myself struggling with the gaping hole leftover from no longer having a bunch of field work in front of me. I was glad I had finished the manuscript (there’s still plenty of work to be done on it), but I had found that not […]

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The High Sierra Trail, Day 1: Hamilton Lake

Middle Fork Canyon from Eagle View The High Sierra Trail runs between Crescent Meadow in Giant Forest and the summit of Mt. Whitney. This trail traverses the high country of the Southern Sierra protected by Sequoia National Park. Highlights include Giant Forest, Bearpaw Meadow and the High Sierra Camp, Hamilton Lake, Kaweah Gap and the […]

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Marble Falls Trail

The Marble Falls Trail leads to the cascading Marble Fork of the Kaweah River in a deep gorge just west from Giant Forest in Sequoia National Park. While the park is famous for the big trees and the high country, this trail features the foothills, which include chaparral, riparian, and oak woodland ecosystems. Distance: 4.8Elevation […]

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Alta Peak – Sequoia National Park

Distance: 17 MilesElevation Gained: 4,500′Difficulty: StrenuousTime: 7:15Critters: Marmots, Deer Pros:– Easily accessible peak and high country on the west side of the Sierras– Incredible views of the High Sierras and Great Western Divide Cons:– Getting lost and not making it through Giant Forest sucked quite a bit– Finishing the hike lost and having to walk […]

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Crescent Meadow – Sequoia National Park

Distance: 1 MileElevation Gained: NegligibleDifficulty: EasyTime: Wasn’t keeping track, to be honestCritters: None Pros:– Probably the most beautiful place in the Sierra Nevadas, which makes it one of the most beautiful places anywhere.– Some of the most incredible light I’ve ever seen. Cons:– No such thing when it comes to Crescent Meadow Details: Crescent Meadow […]

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Photography – Cottonwood Lakes Backpacking

In July, 2011, my friend Kevin and I took a four day backpacking trip through the Cottonwood Lakes area of the eastern Sierras, which are a few miles south of Mt. Whitney. This is a collection of photos from that trip. Click to embiggen. ¬†Alpine wildflowers ¬†Kevin taking it easy at our campsite at Soldier […]

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