Fantastic Smells and Where to Find Them

Stroll through any corner of San Diego County on a warm spring day, and you’ll likely encounter a potent cocktail of intoxicating scents no matter where you go. The relatively unsung olfactory experience of the county’s open spaces often proves to be the chief pleasure on many hikes, with hundreds of different plants releasing their […]

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Mt. Gower

Mt. Gower is a prominent peak dominating its eponymous open space preserve. Located about 15 minutes southeast of Ramona, the peak offers granite-clad views over central east county, including El Cajon Mountain, the San Diego River Valley, and the Mt.Woodson/Iron Mountain range. Distance: 8.4 Miles Elevation Gained: 2,600′ Difficulty: Moderately Strenuous Time: 4:30 Critters: Hawks […]

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Rodriguez Mountain/Hellhole Canyon Open Space Preserve

Hellhole Canyon Open Space Preserve is a 1,700 acre county park that is a lot nicer than the name suggests. There’s nothing particularly hellish about a stream that still trickles even in the midst of a severe drought. In addition to the lovely riparian strip along Hellhole Creek, there are mountains to climb and vistas […]

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