Trip Report: Pacific Crest Trail: Scissors Crossing to Warner Springs

The San Felipe Hills section of the Pacific Crest Trail wanders, meanders, and squiggles its way through  24 miles of the San Felipe Hills between Scissors Crossing and Montezuma Highway. This segment has a reputation for being hot, difficult, monotonous, and even dangerous. There are no natural water sources, there is no shade until just […]

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Pacific Crest Trail: Eagle Rock

Dude! Bro! That rock looks like an eagle! Eagle Rock is a conspicuous granite formation located along the Pacific Crest Trail just south of Warner Springs. This segment of the Pacific Crest Trail travels through cool oak woodlands and a bubbling stream before passing into the realms of Rohan. Distance: 10.2 Elevation Gained: 1,000′ Difficulty: […]

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PCT-Desert View-Laguna Loop

With all of the trails crisscrossing the Laguna Mountain Recreation Area, the possibilities for loops both small and large and seemingly endless. This loop takes advantage of a 3.5 mile stretch of the PCT and includes segments of trail through Laguna Meadow and Agua Dulce Creek. This varied and rewarding loop is slightly more strenuous […]

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Mt. San Jacinto via the Devil’s Slide Trail

Driving through Garner Valley at Dawn. Mt. San Jacinto is on the left. Looking in the same general direction from the summit of Mt. San Jacinto. Mt. San Jacinto is the second tallest peak in Southern California at 10,834′. There are numerous ways to get to the summit, and all of them require a fair […]

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Tahquitz Valley

Tahquitz Valley lies nestled beneath Tahquitz Peak in a relatively flat area of the San Jacinto Mountains. This area showcases the meadows, mixed-conifer forests, and granite boulders that make so many hikers liken the San Jacintos to the Sierra Nevadas. It’s relatively easy to tack on Tahquitz Peak, provided the view is clear enough to […]

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The Superlative Laguna Trail

The Laguna Mountains, with their idyllic meadows, sighing pine forests, ephemeral lakes, and endless views, represent some of the finest hiking in San Diego County, if not the entire southern portion of the state. This popular recreation area offers an abundance of different outdoor experiences, and this hike includes most of them. Distance: 15.1Elevation Gained: […]

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Spitler and Apache Peaks

Spitler and Apache Peaks are two prominent bumps standing at 7,500′ on the Desert Divide, which includes the southern portion of the San Jacinto Mountain range. This portion of the range gets its name from the fact that it separates two distinct desert environments contained in the Coachella Valley and the Anza Valley. Distance: 13.1 […]

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