Oh, California. . .

Santa Cruz Island . . . you rascal. Just some pictures from beautiful places. SoCal-centric.   Anza-Borrego Desert   Crescent Meadow, Sequoia National Park   The Pacific Crest Trail, San Diego County   Anza-Borrego Desert   Hume Lake   Paradise Valley, Kings Canyon National Park   Los Angeles   Redwood Canyon, Kings Canyon National Park […]

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The Black Oak

Black oak grove on the Mt. San Bernadino Trail The black oak is one of Southern California’s most beautiful non-coniferous trees. Getting its name from the dark color of its bark, the black oak is also the most colorful tree in Southern California. They grow old, large, and gnarly, and have a stately presence in […]

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Clevenger Canyon North

  Clevenger Canyon is a steep, twisting canyon carved out by Santa Ysabel Creek just east of San Pasqual Valley and the Wild Animal Park. Trails climbing up to the rim of the canyon are easily accessible from the north and south side of Highway 78. The trail offers a steady workout, ocean views, and […]

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Penasquitos Canyon, East

Penasquitos Canyon features a year-round creek surrounded by a gorgeous riparian woodland that is bounded on both sides by cliffs fringed with development. This protected canyon features some wonderful surprises, as well as an easily accessible respite from the noise and bustle of San Diego. Distance: 6.5 Miles Elevation Gained: 200′ Difficulty: Easy Time: 2:30 […]

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Barnett Ranch

Barnett Ranch is a modest parcel of open space in Ramona set aside under an open space protection act enacted by San Diego County. This park is one of the numerous preserves run by the county, which includes Penasquitos Canyon, Volcan Mountain, and El Cajon Mountain. Distance: 4 Miles Elevation Gained: 400′ Difficulty: Easy Time: […]

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Middle and Cuyamaca Peaks

View from Cuyamaca Peak   View from Middle Peak Cuyamaca and Middle Peaks are two prominent peaks featuring spectacular views of most of Southern California. Pick a clear day to climb one, the other, or both, and see how many landmarks you can pick out. Distance: 16.1 Elevation Gained: 3,100′ Difficulty: Strenuous Time: 6:45 Critters: […]

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Pacific Crest Trail: Eagle Rock

Dude! Bro! That rock looks like an eagle! Eagle Rock is a conspicuous granite formation located along the Pacific Crest Trail just south of Warner Springs. This segment of the Pacific Crest Trail travels through cool oak woodlands and a bubbling stream before passing into the realms of Rohan. Distance: 10.2 Elevation Gained: 1,000′ Difficulty: […]

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Palomar Mountain State Park: Deluge Edition

The recent storms that rolled through left a tremendous amount of precipitation across all of non-desert Southern California. Palomar Mountain, with its advantageous geographic position, received between 6-9″ of precipitation, depending on location, which represents between 1/5 and 1/3 of its annual average precipitation. In other words, it poured. Distance: 4.5 Elevation Gained: 350′ Difficulty: […]

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