April Summary

During the month of April, I hiked 125.1 miles, gaining approximately 19,350′ of elevation. I spent 61 hours and 30 minutes on the trails, and I burnt approximately 19,920 calories as a result. April has always been one of my favorite months to hike due to the presence of wildflowers, vivid greens everywhere one looks, […]

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Volcan Mountain

Volcan Mountain is a prominent, rolling, oak-studded peak just north of Julian. Its rolling flanks are covered with wildflowers in spring, and its trees turn gold in the fall. The peak also features a great mixture of views, with Anza-Borrego to the east and the San Diego coastline to the west. Distance: 5.2Elevation Gained: 1,200Difficulty: […]

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Cuyamaca Peak

Standing at 6,512′, Cuyamaca Peak is the second tallest peak in San Diego County. It also stands roughly in the geographic center of San Diego County, which means that the views in all directions are inclusive and spectacular. While most of its forest has been destroyed, a large patch close to the summit still persists, […]

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Lake Cuyamaca

Lake Cuyamaca is a man-made lake that collects all of the water run-off on the north side of Cuyamaca State Park. This serene, picturesque lake is stocked with trout for the fishermen, boat docks for the recreators, and hiking trails for those who like to amble. Views of the surrounding mountains are abundant, as are […]

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Stonewall Peak

Stonewall Peak is a prominent bump rising up out of the rolling valleys and meadows of the Cuyamaca Area. This craggy¬†promontory displays attractive granite outcrops, good views, and fine examples of post-Cedar fire recovery along its steep flanks. Distance: 8.7 MilesElevation Gained: 800′Difficulty: Moderately StrenuousTime: 4:00Critters: Deer Get there like this.¬† Note: There is an […]

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Earth Day

On October 25th, 2003, a lost hiker lit a signal fire in an attempt to be rescued. He lit the fire in spite of intense Santa Ana winds. The winds picked up, and the fire quickly grew out of control. As it was late in the evening, and since the forest service and CalFire have […]

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Santa Margarita River

The Santa Margarita River is a rare and relatively undisturbed watercourse that drains the Santa Ana Mountains. Large sections of this river are protected habitats, and it flows roughly the same way that it has for the last few thousands of years before Southern California was developed. It features a rich riparian environment, as well […]

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Palomar Mountain, April Edition

This Saturday following a volunteer orientation to become a forest fire lookout volunteer, I stopped off at Palomar Mountain State Park and took the following pictures. I will talk more about the fire lookout gig, but for now, here are some more pictures of Palomar being gorgeous. Distance: 5.3 Miles Elevation Gained: 800′ Difficulty: Moderate […]

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Caspers Wilderness Park: Bell Canyon

Caspers Wilderness Park contains one of the last wilderness areas in close proximity to sprawling Orange County suburbs. The park reserves two major watercourses – Bell Canyon and San Juan Creek – as well as featuring the usual chaparral-covered hills and mountain vistas. Bell Canyon is a particularly lovely hike dominated by oak and sycamore […]

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Grand Canyon, Day 4: The Bright Angel Trail and The South Rim

The South Rim of the Grand Canyon is both the beginning and the end of this series of Grand Canyon hikes. This hike includes the entirety of the Bright Angel Trail, which descends from the South Rim to the Colorado River, where it joins with the North and South Kaibab Trails. The trail passes through […]

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