2013 Hiking Goals

Last year, I set the goal of hiking 1,000 miles, which I reached in September of this year. One of the drawbacks of the 1,000 miles goal is that hiking was often about squeezing in the miles whenever and wherever I could. In order to reach the goal, I would often hike the same hikes repeatedly […]

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La Jolla Valley

La Jolla Valley lies tucked into the westernmost end of the Santa Monica Mountains in Point Mugu State Park. This rare valley features wide open grasslands that somehow escaped development and now remain protected. The La Jolla Valley Loop Trail also features great ocean views, as well as views of Boney Mountain. Distance: 7 MilesElevation […]

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Las Virgenes Canyon

Las Vigenes Canyon comprises a portion of a network of canyons in the Simi Hills. These broad, shallow canyons feature riparian woodlands of valley oak, live oak, sycamore, and willow, while being framed by gentle, rolling hills covered in grass that turns a vivid green during the spring. Distance: 4.5 MilesElevation Gained: 400′Difficulty: EasyCritters: None […]

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Year-End Review

2012 is almost over, capping an incredible year of hiking. Whether you’ve read every post or checked in on one or two that shared some information on a hike you wanted to take, thank you for allowing me to share this with you. Having the experience on my own would never have been as satisfying […]

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Best Photos of 2012

Panoramic view from Trail Crest on the way back from Mt. Whitney The year is over, and I’m putting the coda on all of the adventures I’ve had this year. I’ve taken some good (and some not so good) photos along the way. I’m putting up a gallery of my favorite shots of 2012. Visually, […]

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Baldy Bowl Snowshoeing

Mt. Baldy dominates the eastern section of the San Gabriel mountains, and it towers over the Los Angeles Basin as a major landmark. With numerous routes to the top, Mt. Baldy is one of the landmark hikes of Los Angeles. While the mountain is a popular destination for summer hikers, properly equipped winter hikers can […]

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Icehouse Canyon

Icehouse Canyon is both an enormously popular hiking destination, as well as a portal to the Cucamonga Wilderness in the extreme east end of the San Gabriel Mountain Range. Its lower extremities, which are explored here, feature lush, riparian woodland and old cabins from a bygone age. Distance: 1.5 MilesElevation Gained: Around 400-500′Difficulty: Easy, save […]

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Daley Ranch – Jack Creek Meadow Loop

This mostly flat section of Daley Ranch takes you past the ranch compound, which features a number of old, picturesque buildings, and into the long, narrow Jack Creek Meadow. Come for an early morning hike, and you will encounter a great variety of wildlife. Distance: 5 milesElevation Gained: 500′Difficulty: EasyCritters: deer, rabbits, hawks, egrets, coots, […]

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Relict Species: Torrey Pine

Relict, n: a remnant or survivor.Species, n: a distinct sort or kind Torrey Pine (Pinus torreyana) The Torrey Pine is North America’s rarest pine tree, growing only on two bluffs in San Diego County, with a separate population growing on Santa Rosa Island of the Channel Islands. The geographic separation of the two populations suggests that the trees were […]

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A Year of Palomar Mountain

A Hawk’s Eye View of San Diego County from the Boucher Hill Lookout This is a brief photo essay documenting the four seasons that I have witnessed this year at Palomar Mountain. The locales include High Point, the State Park, and the Observatory Trail. This is easily one of my favorite hiking destinations in all […]

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