30 Hikes in 30 Days

I just completed one last hike in June to bring the number of hikes I’ve taken in June to 30. This means I have taken 30 hikes in 30 days, which I did to celebrate Kelly’s accomplishment of taking 31 yoga classes in 31 days.  In some ways, this turned into a quantity over quality […]

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The year is now almost halfway over, which means it is time to review what I have done during the last three months since the last time I posted a “quarter-review.”  I’m a few days early for the mid-point, which is July 1st, but I will be taking a little break from hiking while I […]

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I like where I live.   June: 103.2 MilesYear-to-Date: 724.8 Miles Advertisements

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Mt. San Gorgonio

Distance: 17.2 Miles (over two days)Elevation Gained: 5,500′Difficulty: StrenuousTime: 13:00 (Estimated since this was a backpacking trip)Critters: Larcenous chipmunks Pros:– Highest peak in Southern California– Beautiful high country topography and flora– Incredible views– Sense of accomplishment Cons:– Rampant air pollution in the low-lying basins Details: This way, please Mt. San Gorgonio is a Southern California […]

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The Three Saints

Hiking Bucket List Goal #1: Climb the Three Saints From left to right: Mt. San Antonio, Mt. San Gorgonio, and Mt. San Jacinto. Taken from Santiago Peak. The “Three Saints” refer to the three dominant mountains in the Los Angeles region, Mt. San Antonio (Mt. Baldy), Mt. San Jacinto, and Mt. San Gorgonio. Each peak […]

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These Are The Trees I Know, I Know. . .

 I was thinking of all of the different trees I’ve seen this year, when the Kids in the Hall Classic, “These Are the Daves I Know” popped into my head. You’ll just have to imagine me walking around town, wearing a tucked-in flannel shirt, and talking about the trees I know (and hardly know).    […]

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Alta Peak – Sequoia National Park

Distance: 17 MilesElevation Gained: 4,500′Difficulty: StrenuousTime: 7:15Critters: Marmots, Deer Pros:– Easily accessible peak and high country on the west side of the Sierras– Incredible views of the High Sierras and Great Western Divide Cons:– Getting lost and not making it through Giant Forest sucked quite a bit– Finishing the hike lost and having to walk […]

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Crescent Meadow – Sequoia National Park

Distance: 1 MileElevation Gained: NegligibleDifficulty: EasyTime: Wasn’t keeping track, to be honestCritters: None Pros:– Probably the most beautiful place in the Sierra Nevadas, which makes it one of the most beautiful places anywhere.– Some of the most incredible light I’ve ever seen. Cons:– No such thing when it comes to Crescent Meadow Details: Crescent Meadow […]

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Tokopah Falls – Sequoia National Park

Distance: 3.4 MilesElevation Gained: 400′Difficulty: EasyTime: 2 hours?Critters: Deer, marmot, rumors of a bear Pros:– Easy hike through a beautiful glacial valley– Enormous cascading waterfall– Towering rock crags Cons:– Close to Lodgepole Campground, which is a noisy madhouse Details: Tokopah Falls is one of the landmark trails in Sequoia National Park. The trailhead is located […]

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Jennie Lakes Wilderness

Distance: 4.6 MilesElevation Gained: 1,400Difficulty: ModerateTime: No idea   : )Critters: butterflies Pros:– More rolling mountainsides, mixed-conifer forest, and views– Easy access from campsite– Good conditioning hike Cons:– None to speak of, unless you’re comparing it to more remarkable hikes nearby Details: The Jennie Lakes Wilderness sits in a nook between an arm of Kings Canyon […]

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