Mt. Lukens

Haines Canyon Road/Motorway/Trail – Rim of the Valley Road Distance: 11.8 Miles (11.4 if you don’t go the wrong way.)Elevation gain: 3,200′Difficulty: Moderately StrenuousTime: 4 hours, 34 minutesCritters: quail How to Get There: Take the 405 north to the 118 East. Transition to the 210 East. Exit Sunland Ave, and make a left on Foothill […]

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Big Changes Afoot

A little life stuff: This Monday, I’ll be moving down to Oceanside to live with my girlfriend, Kelly. We were just approved for this great little one bedroom that’s a block away from the beach. It’s the next big step in our already fantastic relationship, and I know we’re going to have a lot of […]

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Photography – Western Sierras

These pictures were taken during two summer trips to the Sierras. The first trip, taken in June, 2011, went through Giant Forest, the High Sierra Trail, the Lakes Trail, Kings Canyon, Paradise Valley, Mist Falls, Redwood Canyon, and Stony Creek. The second trip in August 2011, which was shorter and included less hiking, features Moro […]

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Photography – Zion and Bryce National Parks

I took this trip at the end of March, 2011. I experienced snow, rain, and sunny, 70 degree weather in the space of four days. This was also the first time I used my camera, which has proved to be the second best investment I have ever made – after my Honda Civic, which has […]

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Point Mugu State Park, Pt. 2 – Old Boney Trail

Satwiwa Loop Trail – Danielson Fire Road – Old Boney Trail – Blue Canyon Trail – Sycamore Canyon Trail – Upper Sycamore Canyon Trail Distance: 11.7 MilesElevation gain: 2,000′Difficulty: Moderately StrenuousTime: 4 hours, 37 minutesCritters: an injured coyote, a healthy coyote, feral parrots, squirrels, rabbits, quail How to Get There: Take 101 north (or south, […]

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Photography – Maui and Oahu

I have a ton of pictures stored up from hikes and trips I’ve taken over the years. I currently keep them on Facebook, but I don’t like having them up there. This will be the new home for whatever photos I deem worthy of sharing. In this collection, I’m putting up some of the pictures […]

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Laguna Mountains

Big Laguna Trail – Pacific Crest Trail – Noble Canyon Trail – Sunrise Trail Distance: 12 Miles (approximately)Elevation gain: 900 feetDifficulty: Moderately StrenuousTime: 4 hours, 45 minutesCritters: hawks, rabbits, squirrels, bluebirdsYou Should Know: The Lagunas are part of Cleveland National Forest, and you will need an Adventure Pass to park here. Pros: Expansive desert views […]

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Malibu Creek State Park, Part 2

Crags Road – Bulldog Road – Castro Crest Motorway Distance: 8.3 milesElevation gain: 1,700 feetDifficulty: Moderately strenuousTime: 2:30-3:00Critters: a black lab/German shepherd mix. Thank the universe for hills. They may seem like a pain in the ass when you’re climbing them, but they do you the following benefits: one, you get fit; two, you get […]

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Malibu Creek State Park, Pt. 1

Grasslands Trail – Crags Rd. – Lost Cabin Trail – Forest Trail Distance: 9.3 MilesElevation Gain: 700 feetDifficulty: Moderate Time: 3 hours, 20 minutesCritters: hawks, feral parrots, 4 deer, squirrels This is part one of a two part, two day exploration of Malibu Creek State Park. This particular hike includes all the above-mentioned trails, done […]

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My Top Ten Hikes

Many components can compriseĀ a great hike: degree of difficulty, sense of accomplishment, scenery, one’s companions, andĀ variables such as weather conditions, wildlife, or uniquely memorable incidences, all of which can transform a routine or average hike into something spectacular. Just about every hike contains a degree of any one of these elements, although some hikes will […]

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